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Freeport Community Library provides several resources for genealogy research.

History Collections: The Bartol Room

The Bartol Room houses the Maine and Freeport History Collections. We have local newspaper and obituary scrapbooks that date from 1961 to the present. We have town reports dating from 1864 and the early Clarions and current Freeport High School yearbooks. The vertical file includes the 1857, 1971, and 1909 Freeport maps.

All these materials are Reference and cannot be borrowed from the library.

The Bartol Room also houses many fiction and non-fiction titles with Maine as their subject which are available to be borrowed from the library.

The Bartol Room is a quiet work area with plenty of space for researchers.

Family Histories: The Dunning Collection

Located in the Bartol Room, The Dunning Collection is available as reference materials only (they cannot be borrowed from the library). Colonel Thurlow R. Dunning, who died in the mid-1970's, compiled notebooks of Freeport Family History. They have been indexed by family name, copied and bound. Colonel Dunning also made lists of inscriptions he found on headstones in local cemetaries and we also have these on record.

Online Research:

Thanks to MARVEL!, Maine's virtual library of databases, patrons and visitors alike can access the library version of which can only be accessed using the library's computers.